Monday, 24 March 2014

My short disappearance...

Hello guys I am back after mystically disappearing for over two week hopefully someone noticed.... anybody???  woohooo.... 
*cricket chirps*
I guess I am not as popular as I thought yet.
So now that I am back I thought that I should at least explain a bit about my absence. The reason I haven't been blogging is that I was out saving the world from ultimate & untimely DOOM you know the usual one where everything and everyone goes BOOM. 
And then I had to go to the all species conference they were having at Mars to discuss with the aliens the potential benefits of not invading Earth and then wiping out all of humanity, I think I convinced the Martians , the Jupetirere and the Mercurians but the Plutonions, them I don't know they are really pissed at us because we don't consider Pluto a planet any more. So there could be an invasion of tiny cold blue people any time soon therefore, I'll have to disappear again to save the planet. Buy warm clothes cause there touch could give you a brain freeze.
After the conference I had to practice a few spells and hexes cause you never no when an evil sorcerer my act on his plan to take over the world. Had to keep the skills sharp.
Fun times yes...
Ok so here's what really happened though I doubt you would want to read this ...
My midterm exams came so being the nerd I am I had to study, like a lot and blogging is really fun so I had to get it completely out of my mind  in order to concentrate on my studies therefore I went poof.
Boring I know right well what can a person do really.
What wasn't boring though was the awesome slumber party that I had with my friends on the day of my last exam we watched movies, had pillow fights, played charades and did all kinds of crazy stuff, and yes 18 year old's can have fluffy girly slumber parties hell I say 90 year old can have them too I plan on having one when I turn 90 if I survive that long I live a pretty uneventful life but my clumsiness reaches extreme levels so there is sort of a 50-50 chance.


  1. Wait you went to that all species conference too? Wait a second. You were the one to tell us, the PLUTONIONS, that we no longer lived on a planet, and that we were not even ALLOWED to attend any more conferences. HOW DARE YOU! The Earthlings will get what's coming to them...

    but in all seriousness. Exams suck.
    Also I'm 20 years old and the slumber parties never grow old.

  2. Oh before you decide to attack us fellow inhabitor of the universe I would like to invite you to a slumber party to settle our differences you seem to like those :D There will be blue milkshakes and Pizza and truth or dare ;)

    1. Ooo blue milkshakes and pizza and truth or dare!! Yes I guess I'll settle my differences and come to a slumber party. SLUMBER PARTIES YAY