Thursday, 16 January 2014

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Book Title: 
Reccomended for: Everyone.
Basic Theme: Support group, Cancer.
Type: Stand Alone.
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary.
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“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

 This book is so beautiful and tragic. This artcle isn't really a review, it is about how this book made me feel. It had a perfect plot, amazing writing and deep characters. The Fault in our Stars is a tear jerking heart warming book.
“The marks humans leave are too often scars.” 
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars 
I loved it a lot because everything was so realistic and so very true. I think that every book teaches us a little something, a lesson in life and this book thought me that the world is not a wish granting factory bad things happen to good people but that doesn't mean we should whine about it the minute we start complaining we lose the battle of life we should learn to accept everything that happens to us because every thing happen for a reason and only then can we live a happy prosperous life, I feel that it is wrong to feel sorry for a blind man, or woman with three limbs because we feel sorry because we think that they are not happy that they cannot be happy but the truth is that physical health has very little to do with happiness, if a man can conquer the pain and accept it then he can be happy. Life is very short and we should live it rather than waste it all by complaining about our pain and sorrows. There is a saying: "Life is like an Ice cream, so enjoy it before it melts" I don't agree with this saying because an ice cream is sweet from beginning to end but Life is full of flavors sweet,sour,bitter and spice that why it is so much more beautiful than ice cream!


  1. I really want to read this one - hope I get for my birthday next month :-)

  2. This was probably my favorite read of 2013! So emotional, and I love Hazel's sarcasm!

    1. Who doesn't she is such an amazing fictional person and let's not forget Agustus <3