Friday, 17 January 2014

Book Review: Gone (Gone#1)

Gone (Gone, #1)Book Title: Gone (Gone #1)
Author: Michael Grant
Recommended for: Dystopian lovers.
Theme: Radioactivity, Trapped in a dome, Paranormal powers
Type: Series (Six Books)
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Post apocalyptic
My Rating:

“Welcome to Perdido beach, where our motto is: Radiation, what radiation?” -Gone, Michael Grant

Ramblings (Review):
What an amazing, horrific, and disturbing book!
At start this book seemed a little too disturbing for me because of the kids, I have read a  lot  of book that are a ton more disturbing but this freaked me out more because there were no adults all the bad things happened to kids, all the adults disappearing leaving only kids below fifteen behind, NIGHTMARE! 

Absolutely ANYTHING can happen in a situation like this, and the possibilities are endless so it made it an extreme page turner in way but unfortunately the author went wrong somewhere so the first half of the book was kind of a drag and the characters were very weak too . I had almost put it in the "Never going to be finished list" but then it became a page turner and the book picked up speed when the conflict between Caine and Sam began and then the book just got better and better.

Kids with guns, 
death and destruction,
bullies and brawn,
15 above all gone.
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  1. I really want to read this book. It does sound super scary with all this stuff happening to kids ONLY!!! I heard the series starts out strong and goes down from there, but I want to see for myself :)