Wednesday, 15 January 2014

First Blog Post

Hi guys welcome to my blog this is my very first post here, this blog is all about books reviews, summaries, recommendations etc with a sprinkle of other stuff too. I am a coffee loving, Fiction reading, intense gaming fan girl. If you like follow, comment, share my blog please. Thanks for visiting come again! 


  1. Hey I was wondering how you did the collages on your book montage and your favorite series? I've been trying to find a good site to make a large enough one for all my books (:

    1. Hi and thanks so much for following me, I found the montage on Goodreads are you on it;
      You just have to make a profile add your books then go to edit pofile's widget's menu there the montage along with several other widgets is available.
      If you want further details just ask :)

    2. You can also configure the montage make it wider 1 to 200 books can be added.